Making the Carnivore Diet work for you

How to make the most out of the zero carb lifestyle

I am so happy with the progress and finally feel like I have the proper training and tools to get where I want to be! My goal is to be in the best shape of my life by 33 and I finally feel like I can get there with everything you have taught me and will continue to teach me. Thank you for all the support and finding a great community of people! - Brandon M.

How this course will help you

Get answers to questions you may have about how this way of eating can help you reach your goals. Have a better understanding of what's really going in inside your body and how food affects your everyday life.

I originally signed up for this course last year but with the year end closure chaos and then going camping immediately after I only got back a couple of days ago and decided to start the course today.

During the first 30 odd % I kept thinking "but I know all of this already" (granted I have been ZC 5 months already and looking into the viability of it since I studied cookery 13 years ago) but by the end I had nearly a dozen other links open of either resources included in the course or things that were brought up that I just wanted to double check for myself.

If you are new to the carne life, just thinking about trying it out or been at it for a while and simply want to get more out of it, I would definitely recommend doing the course if you can. I'll undoubtedly be going back and redoing it a few times as a refresher and to ensure that I haven't missed anything. Craig B.

Are you dealing with chronic health issues?

Are you carrying more around the waist than you'd like?

Does food stress you out?



The self-paced program designed to get you started on the Carnivore Diet and make it work!

Reduce body fat! Get stronger! Feel better!

You are going to learn why plant-based foods cause more problems than they solve.

Have you ever been told that you don't need fiber?

What if I told you that you could do without so much Vitamin C?

Learning about the Carnivore Diet is going to open your mind to some pretty amazing information.

You can see in the course outline that you're going to get walked through the process from start to finish. We go over what to eat, how much to eat, and how to make it fit your lifestyle.

Why this course is needed

The one thing I've found is that there is almost too much information out there on how the diet works for everyone, but nothing that helps you as an individual make it work in your specific circumstance.

That's where this course comes in. The purpose is to help you understand the basics and put a plan together without making it too complicated. It explains how things work so you can adjust as needed and enjoy the process instead of stress out over it.

It provided the basics at every chapter. Specifically, it addressed what I find to be a very destructive trend today; people getting their information from or listening to people who, frankly, shouldn't be listened to.
The content flows very well and there are plenty of references. It provided validity to the presentation but also made clear that it is UP TO THE INDIVIDUAL to come to their own conclusions regarding THEIR health choices.
I think the progressive set up of the course gives one the basic information up front....essentially giving newbies the information they need, in a non threatening manner, to be able to begin this on their own. - Michael D.

Today I wanted to do my first long run since ending my 6 week no carb (carnivore diet). I typically run 5-6 miles on any given day but wanted to try for 10 today. Well after 1 hr 40 minutes and 13.1 miles (7:37/mi pace), I now have a new PR at the 1/2 marathon. Thanks for the guidance in the 6 week carnivore challenge. #themeatlife

Your Instructor

Bronson Dant
Bronson Dant

I'm in my mid-forties, I own a health and fitness facility. I've spent several years helping people improve their health and fitness through exercise and nutrition. I am helping people that want to see improvements in performance, fat loss, and overall health. Maybe I can help you.

I started the Carnivore Diet out of curiosity and it turned into a passion for knowledge and enlightenment. I've learned that so many of the things I thought I knew are based on assumptions about society and how market trends are managed, more than what actual science has to say about nutrition.

Being exposed to this way of life has provided me with a reason to ask questions that I'm not sure I ever would have asked before.

I hope you learn something here.

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